I get so excited reading other people’s baby hauls I thought it was time I did one myself!

In no particular order:

Anywayup Bird Cup (£15.90 for a pack of two)

Out of all the beakers I’ve tried so far these are the only ones which don’t leak at all. Squeak was reluctant to switch from a soft spout but having seen other toddlers taking theirs quite happily he has since caught on. They do require a harder suck, which probably goes with the territory of being leak proof. Look how cute!


Bruin My Robot Buddy ($9.99)

Sadly this only seems to be available in the US at the moment. We bought it on Amazon UK at a fraction of the price it’s currently on there for which is a great shame as it’s a wonderful toy which Squeak doesn’t get bored of. The eyes flicker to different expressions on pushing the top button, arms and legs move separately, and the tummy button flashes colours and makes whirring noises.


Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes (£4.79)

As I choke back a tear reading this to Squeak before bedtime, I marvel at the wording and pictures, wondering how something so simple could be so beautiful. The themes are endless. The innocence of childhood. The fathomless love of a mother. The hope for humanity. And Squeak loves all the little faces, pointing and giggling at them. The intonation of the words are perfect for slumber.


Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind (£20.19)

Did someone say bedtime? Summer suddenly happened, or at least it did for a few days in the UK, and I was in an unprepared quandry. Squeak’s bedroom blinds are far from perfect and day time naps were becoming a struggle. Plus the lighter evenings were pushing back bedtime. Not as brilliant as I had expected, the suction pads do require quite a bit of licking to stay in place and after finally getting them all to stay up after adjusting the bottom and side poppers I don’t have the energy to take them down every day as originally envisaged. We have sash windows which means the material doesn’t follow round perfectly, but overall Squeak’s bedroom is much darker.


Colourful Playsuit (£18)

These are advertised as pyjamas but they’re far too good for bed! Incredibly robust and washable at 60 they’re ideal for trips to the park and inevitable grass stains. POP is expensive but their stuff really does last well.


Bobux Freestyle One (£27)

These are some very hard wearing shoes. Squeak is a confident walker but still likes to crawl quite a lot. Many of the shoes he tried on seemed to be suitable for either crawlers or walkers but not both. I wanted something soft enough to accommodate him as he switches between the two and light enough for warmer weather. He has wide feet so I was worried straying from the recommended Clarks wasn’t a good idea but these are perfect. The straps at the side adjust to allow a wider fit.


I hope you enjoyed these reviews and let me know if you have any recommendations yourself. We are currently on the hunt for more books 😀


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