Do you own a milk frother? I have this one from Nespresso (£50) but you can find much cheaper ones on Amazon.

When we ran out of Nespresso capsules one morning I panicked. Then I realised we had instant coffee but I couldn’t bring myself to make a cup. Under considerable duress I had to think fast. What was I going to do?

Suddenly a novel idea struck me, as simple as it was brilliant. Could I make a shot of coffee using instant coffee and froth the milk thus creating a latte? Why, I believed I could and excitedly began my preparations.

One minute later, I combined the shot of previously disappointing instant coffee with the newly frothed milk. It was delicious.

Not for the coffee conneisseur who would probably be horrified by such supplementation, I have since discovered using whole milk is even better. Actually it’s pointless using expensive coffees for lattes because the milk overpowers the taste of coffee anyway.

So if you can live with instant, and love a latte, and this fairly obvious idea has never crossed your mind, Behold! Never waste your money on expensive capsules again! 😆

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