I’m a nosey parker. I love knowing what people put in their bags. Also, it’s taken me a year, four different bags plus various accessories to figure out my favourite combination. Here goes.


I got this bag free from Jojo Maman Bebe by signing up to their mailing list and receiving an invite to one of their stores. I also received a lucky dip voucher entitling me to win 15%, 20% or 50% off any items I bought. You can also buy it for £15. I love it because:

  • there are no fancy pockets inside meaning I can just chuck everything in
  • the poppers on each side attach easily to a pushchair


These are the pretty standard contents of my nappy bag.

  • The nappy bag itself is just a wash bag from Designers Guild
  • One short sleeved bodysuit
  • One long sleeved bodysuit
  • One pair of light cotton leggings
  • One light jumper
  • One pair of socks
  • Four nappies
  • Suncream
  • Nappy cream (I love Weleda – very moisturising)
  • Wipes


Whereas once I had a bag dedicated to my entire belongings, I have condensed these down to the absolute essentials.

  • Matching small wash bag from Designers Guild
  • Ted Baker purse
  • Soap and Glory hand cream (my absolute favourite)
  • Three lip balms. Yes, three is absolutely essential. I especially adore the Burt Bees tinted one.

My phone usually goes in here too but it was otherwise occupied, taking the picture.


  • One leak proof anywayup cup
  • One small lunchbox for breadsticks, rice cakes, crackers
  • One large lunchbox for sandwiches, fruit and vegetables

I could probably do away with the small lunchbox but I hate the dry food being contaminated by the moist food. Plus it means snacks are immediately on hand for toddler hunger despair.


Miscellaneous essential items. I’m not a fan of expensive sunglasses due to clumsiness and forgetfulness but I do like a UV polarised lens. This excellent pair is from Boots. And three pens for the size of one! A mum necessity.


The finished, packed product!



2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. I want that changing bag! It looks so practical. My “changing bag” is currently just my handbag containing the essentials. I’d love a proper changing bag for when my second comes along.


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