Squeak has big feet. They are very wide and deep and finding shoes to fit has proved a nightmare. 

I was rushing around the shops last minute trying to find him wellies and a light summer shoe for our camping trip only to end up flustered with a very cross little boy who tried on every shoe in stock to no avail.

I ended up going back to Bobux online and buying a larger version of his first walker which fits him perfectly. This time I went for the Origin One Arcadia which has the same dimensions as the Freestyle pair I bought before. 

Unfortunately their first walkers only go up to UK5/US6/EU22 so I’m not sure which pair I’ll go for next. I’m so happy with Bobux, how flexible the sole is with lots of protection, that I think I’ll give them a call to find out which pair they’d recommend next. I’m fed up with Clarks and their lack of shoes for wide feet. Plus I don’t like how stiff their shoes are for new little feet which need lots of movement.

Next up were a pair of wellies which my sister gave us from Polarn o Pyret. These are so wide with generous ankles that I don’t have to manipulate Squeak’s feet at all to get them inside and they just slip on comfortably. He’s having great fun splashing around in puddles with them!

I would be very grateful to hear advice from anyone who has children with wide feet and which brands worked for them!

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