I had an amazing nights sleep. I want to shout it from the roof tops. Squeak woke up terrified at around midnight (probably because of a loud storm and he ate salmon for the second time at dinner maybe also a tummy ache?). I took him to sleep in our spare room as usual, and after half an hour or so of him writhing around I said:

“Try to stop moving around so much. You’ll get some rest if you relax.”

He paused like he understood, then carried on rolling around, sighing in disappointment. I tried to help him find a comfortable position but nothing seemed to work. After another ten minutes I said:

“I’m going to hold you firmly in a position I like to sleep in. Be patient and trust me.”

So that’s what I did. I essentially hugged him tight on his side for around two minutes, until he fell asleep.

For seven hours.

2 thoughts on “The Opposite of Controlled Crying

  1. Ah I really love the thought of you cuddling him to sleep like that! We keep ending up with my son in bed with us at the moment too as I think he’s got separation anxiety so if he’s not near me he keeps waking up. I just can’t do controlled crying or crying it out it breaks my heart!!

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