I’ve collected a vast quantity of beakers over a year as I tried to encourage Squeak to drink water, then cow’s milk. They served mainly as elaborate items to be thrown at the cat.

I searched high and low for the perfect beaker, read endless reviews, listened as another health visitor told me how he ‘should’ be drinking less breastmilk. I decided to be proactive. I made no difference at all.

I can confirm my endless cajoling had no effect on Squeak whatsoever, except to cause bemusement and vague irritation. Then out of nowhere he suddenly became very interested in my cups and glasses and bottles, and that was that. He was officially drinking lots of water every day.

I’m adding this to things I wish I’d known. Of course! Like walking and talking his diet, which has been baby led since he was born, changes alongside his development.

Which brings me onto my favourite subject. Baby sleep. Just the other day I explained to a friend that seeing as my little family (and neighbours) get an excellent night’s sleep due to our cosleeping, we might as well plod on as we are and revisit our sleep arrangements when Squeak is old enough. What do you mean ‘old enough’ she asked.  Old enough to understand about bedtimes and how he is always safe and we’ll talk through this with him until he’s happy to stay in his bed of his own free will.

It makes me sad that other people find this so strange. Why, if a child struggles to sleep alone, why oh why is it frowned upon when tired parents opt to cuddle their baby instead?


2 thoughts on “The sleep conundrum

  1. Why indeed. We seemed to programmed to pop our babies out, put them in a cot (on their backs of course), all alone in a bedroom by themselves … because co-sleeping is … *gasp* … DANGEROUS!!!
    I wonder what mothers in Japan and most of Asia do (rhetorical question)?

    People seem to forget that they are babies for a very short period of them. Before you know it, they are all grown up.

    Ignore these other mothers I say! Enjoy your cuddles with your baby.

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  2. Yes I completely agree with angry mamaa (Hi). I have a toddler and now 3 month old. I’m actually sat in bed typing this with my toddler asleep next to me and with my baby not far from me either. My husband is away so my toddler is having a sleep over with me. I digress. When it comes to sleeping habits and children I just think whatever works for you and your family. Many people will think they know best, but you’re the one who knows what’s best for YOUR little one…don’t mean to shout just can’t find underline here. Also, if co sleeping means everyone is happy and sleeps well then that’s great. I would much rather an energetic, happy, slept well (ish) mamma then an exhausted mamma who had to continuously get up because mini me wasn’t happy sleeping alone. Continue to do what works for your family I say. Hope you’re having a nice evening. Filza x

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